Reuben and the Dark

REUBEN_AND_BAND.jpgRuben and the Dark, a creation of Calgary's Reuben Bullock, joins us this Friday from Canada to talk about their recent tour of Europe, the appearance at the Hotel Cafe in Hollywood where I saw them, and where they are going next.  I came to the venue for another band - they were a warm up act -- and I just about fell out of my seat.  These guys are unique and I had to book them right there.   Fresh off the release of his second solo album, Bullock has formed the band with some of Alberta's finest musicians. This quartet has been quickly building a reputation as a killer live band, their soaring four-part vocal harmonies achieving epic heights, always leaving crowds hungry for more. And at the core of all this sits Bullock's songs, which manage to achieve a balance between seemingly disparate elements: the introspective with the anthemic, and the feat of sounding simultaneously ancient and uniquely contemporary. Recently brought to London by LUV LUV LUV Records (Florence and the Machine/Blood Orange), the band has returned from a European tour with a new release in tow and headed off to California for gigs in the States. 

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