Juan de Marcos and the Afro-Cuban All Stars rock us this Friday

full_band_on_stage_300sq.jpgEver since I returned from Cuba I have been looking for ways to bring Cubana musica to MusicFridayLive!, but it has not been easy because it is so hard for Cubanos to come to the US to play.  That is our loss, not theirs;  Cuban bands tour Europe and Asia all the time, it is just those of US 90 miles away from Havana that can not enjoy them. This week the embargo broke, at least for one band.  Juan de Marcos recorded the first albums of the Buena Vista Social Club 20 years ago nd he has assembled an all-star band of Cuban artists - some of them from various iterations of the BVSC and managed to get permission to tour the US.  That tour lands in in LA next week (I will be there!) and we get to talk with him Friday.  This will be musical history.


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