Alex Nester returns with lots of live gigs and stories

Alex_paino_300.jpgI first became aware of Alex Nester as the keyboard  player in  Sal Santana's band who had an incredibly high and controlled voice.  She was the backbone of songs like "Rise Up" and "Into the Light" and added high notes and power to Salvador's mid-range  rapping.  As  I got to know her better I learned about her story - cancer as a teen,  recovery,  and a career that spans 12 albums, 25  theatrical  productions, hundreds of gigs with her band and others, and many advertising jingles and sound  tracks. In other words, besides  being  beautiful, talented,  and highly musically skilled Alex  Nester is also an unstoppable  hard worker. So I started to going her live gigs and learned three things: she likes the late night, she plays well with anybody and she brings something powerful and unique to any live show, whether it is her band or another.  In short, Alex Nester is pure  entertainment, which is why I invited her back on Music FridayLive!

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