Alicia Blue lights up the Hotel Cafe

alicia_blie_300sq.jpgSunday nights at LA's prestigious Hotel Cafe are often review nights - a promoter puts together a group of related acts, everyone brings their friends, the Second Stage room at the Hotel Cafe is crowded, the house makes money, the talent gets exposure (and a little money) and the audience has a great time and is introduced to artists they might never have known. This Sunday night Sound Collective produced a review with Alicia Blue, Lucy Clearwater, Nora Murray, and Daniel Blake...three women and a guy, but there were lots of men onstage with them. 

alicia_blue_500.jpgThe evening's two highlights were Clearwater and Alicia, but Alicia delivered one of the best performances that I have seen yet. Backed up by a full band, she delivered a strong six-song set that ranged from her funny Christmas in LA to classic Joni Mitchell cover, Both Sides Now. Her voice was clearer than ever and her stage presence was so sunny and inviting that you just had to love her. I have only previously seen her as a solo;  the band added depth and texture, but it also seemed to pop the colors in her voice and expand her conversational contact with the audience.   


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