American Beauties. 60's folk with a modern twist.

band-600.jpgI was raised on 60's and 70's folk.  The Kinston Trio, early Dylan, Joan Baez, The Weavers, Phil Ochs, Judy Collins - all of the artists who should have been in the film "Inside Llewyn Davis" but were mysteriously left out.    We would listen live in coffee houses from San Francisco and Berkeley to Cambridge and Washington Square, and on vinyl (there were mo CD's or MP3's in a purple haze.  So I was really happy when a package arrived in the mail with a CD and a handwritten letter from Michael A. Gray of the American Beauties band. It was like the purple haze was back and I am not even in Colorado.

American Beauties is an original indie folk rock band from Boston, Massachusetts.  Their music is reminiscent of the LA, San Francisco and East Coast folkrock bands of the late 1960s and early 1970s that I grew up with.  But they are modern - mixing both contemporary and roots influences into a unique sound that is both comfortable and exciting.  The band performs live at local clubs and festivals in the Boston area and  indie festivals in  New England.  Their debut album Too Worn To Mend was released in October 2012.  The indie release was recorded at the famous Ice Station Zebra studios in Medford, Massachusetts by Grammy award winning engineer Ducky Carlisle who played drums and co-produced the album with songwriter Michael Gray. 

The band’s indie folk rock  reminds me of  CSNY and The Jayhawks and conveys radio-friendly qualities from folk, rock, and pop in a mix all its own.  Too Worn to Mend is getting extensive airplay on college and independent radio in the US, Canada, and the UK and  local stations around Boston so I decided its time for my national audience to her them on blogtalkradio and Cyberstationusa. This Friday, 2:05 pm ET.

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