Americana blues rock from Nashville to Detroit

JillJack-byMichaelHacala0_300_sq.jpgI am so looking forward to this Friday.  We are back from our Christmas vacation in Mexico full of salsa and cumbia and tequila and ready to get back to the basics of MusicFridayLive - blues, rock, folk, jazz, Americana, bluegrass (next week we will return to rap and hip-hop and metal and all that other good stuff.) The guests this week are both old and new to us.  jill Jack has been on the show twice before and I have seen her live twice.  She is the electrifying country blues-rock queen from Detroit (yes, Detroit has country music).  And up from Nashville is one of the most interesting and enjoyable folk rock bluegrass groups I have ever heard, the husband and wife duo Mare Wakefield and Nomad. Get ready for down-to earth lyrics, heart-piercing melodies and a great accordion.


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