Amy Loftus brings her country twang and soft ballads to

AMY_SMILE_300_sq.jpgAmy Loftus is an angel with a twang.  She moved from Nashville to Los Angeles in 1997, the day John Denver died, driving through the mountains while listening to his music. Although she calls herself a “ delusionally optimistic girl from the suburbs of Chicago” (who isn’t when they come to LA for fame and fortune) she  auditioned, wrote songs, played and succeeded.

Not surprisingly for a transplant from the Midwest to California, she started meditating and practicing yoga, following the advice of her heroine, Oprah, suggested  her viewers find a favorite tree, or place in nature and meditate. Her tree was on Venice Blvd., across from a Blockbusters. Meditation and yoga have become integral parts of her life, along with her family, and she has even branced out into teaching yoga.

Well, the Blockbusters is gone, but Amy’s music has thrived, with a new album out, “That Entire Time” and a tour to support it.  We are so happy she is taking time out to visit us this Friday, talk about the changes in her life and the music that chronicles them.


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