Aoede nominated for HMMA award

aoede_head_300sq..jpgAs you all know I love the stories that Aoede conjures in her magic music lab in San Francisco.  And a lot of other people must like them, because she has won so many awards.  I recently ran into her at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards completely by surprise - I had not checked the list of nominees before I arrived to shoot pictures and  do interviews.  And there she was, on stage, right in front of me  and a dozen other camera people . She posed, smiled, and then moved to the TV cameras, not noticing that I was one of the photographers, although we know each other. Blinded by the flashbulbs, or more likely trying to follow the orders of the handlers just  off to the side. I found her later in the auditorium floor and she invited me to join her at her table to watch the Awards ceremony.  Sadly, she did not win, but, she reminded me that she had just released Do You Believe in Magic and gave me a copy. We settled on a date - this Friday - for her to be on the show.  Not as good as a statue,. but great for you and me.



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