Athena's debut USA album release. A long road and a triumph

album_cover_300sq.jpgThe Greek-English (and Californian) singer/songwriter Athena joins us Friday, a few hours before she sets up and mic checks for her release party that night in Hollywood.  The new album, Ready for the Sun, Part 1 (she will explain why it is Part 1 on the show) is a triumph of songwriting, singing and producing.  I was fortunate enough to be at an early listening session with her producer and band members while the album was in process and could see then how good it was going to be.  There is a reason the BBC did a documentary on Athena.  Now that she is her in the music capital of the world, she is growing and blossoming musically even more - she is indeed ready for the sun.

She joins us Friday live, so have your questions ready because you will be able to call in a talk with her. Plus, we have a preview copy of the record and will play some samples.

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