Aubrey Logan stars today

aubrey_mic_600.jpgI had originally booked two guests for this  week's  show,  blues/jazz singer and horn player Aubrey Logan and the alt rock trio Placebo.  Unfortunately,  Placebo  has to be scheduled later so I decided to give you all an earlier interview I did  with alt rock keyboardist and vocalist Alex Nester, whose band I will see tonight at the Basement in Santa Monica.

Aubrey Logan was playing Witzend as part  of their tribute to the founder, Jeb Milne, and was knocked out by her music, her voice, her creative horn playing and very entertaining stage  presence.  I first saw Alex Nester at the Witzend when played keyboard and say with Salvador Santana, and subsequently learned of her long career, many albums, theater and dramatic life.


Alex  is on tour and will be on the show in November, but this  seemed like a good pairing.  Two very talented musicians, two stunning voices and two very different musical genre's who I both saw for the first time at Witzend in Venice.

 So, two talented women and  two great set lists of songs this Friday.


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