Billy Kay. new songs, new book.

billiekay_piano.300.pngBilly Kay returns for his second visit to Music FridayLive! with some new music and a book,  How to Double Your Music Sales Income: The Secret to Selling More Downloads And Making More Money from Each One , his second marketing book and his third publication when you count the fantasy romance novel he wrote earlier this year. Billy Kay is a Long Island -born, former online marketing guru and now a  country western singer/songwriter who arrived in Tennessee by way of Los Angeles, Las Vegas and the Veterans Administration.  His music is solid country, with a strong, positive rock influence. Everything he does, from his own homeless lifestyle to his tours and cds, helps other people. He is essentially homeless, preferring to live in Veteran's shelters while he tours, records and writes.  He joins us 4.25.14 with his trademark stories and great songs.  You can get Billy's music at  His book can be found at 

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