Billy Kay: country music with a cause

billykayhat303.jpgBilly Kay is a rare find in music.  At the musical talent level, he is the most downloaded artist  in Las Vegas and  in South Carolina and is now turning heads in  Nashville with the breakout hit "Ready... Set... Gone!" .  But it is his personal story that grabbed me.  He is a homeless veteran, living in a shelter in Tennessee while he  travels America writing, recording and performing.  His now-famous "Abject Poverty Tour" featured top indie country stars and raised money for other homeless people, veterans and battered women.  On top of that, he donates a share of all royalties and merchandise sales to shelters and charities.  Obviously, he could live on his earnings , but he has chosen to give back instead.  As part of that, Billy organized 2011 "Country for a Cause" CD, which featured some of the most talented musicians in the indie country music scene.   I am really looking forward to our conversation this Friday at 2:05 pm ET.  I suspect it will be somewhat different from most interviews.

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