Brent Buffan and The Ride . great combination. 12.20.13

301x301_brentguitar.jpgI keep my eye on a place in Venice California called Witzend.  It is kind of a creative factory - a listening room plys video production facilities and a program of residency to give artists time and money to develop and grow and get experience on stage.  I sometimes drop in on Wednesday nights for Open Mic, but I also keep track of their upcoming talent schedules - you never what gems you will find.

I found one this week, Brent Buffan.  Brent is just about ready to break out - one of the places I love to find musicians for the show.  He has developed his talent, written and recorded songs and albums (as yet unreleased) and toured.  But his big move came when he teamed up with a band call The Ride. Brent, a Toronto born singer/songwriter spent years performing and recording alone, giving him a solid foundation for his next step. After assembling albums and touring solo, he joined up with four highly talented and versatile musicians.  Together they have raised the bar for themselves to a whole new level of music and are now on tour in Southern California, successfully introducing this true troubadour’s songs in one of the most competitive markets in the country.

He joins us this Friday at 11:30 am PT and  hope you join him at his gig at the Witrzend on 12/21/13.

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