Bruce Victor and Marla Fibish joins us to introduce Noctambule's The Waking

marlabrucestudio-300sq.jpgIn full disclosure, I have to admit that I have known Bruce Victor of Noctambule for years before there was a Noctambule.  Bruce and I and an intrepid group of musicians and music lovers founded the Acoustic Vortex house concert series in Northern California in the 2000's, which at it speak, was producing two concerts a month in Bruce's home.  After he married visual artist and musician Marla Fibish, in a beautiful and very musical wedding in San Francisco,  the Acoustic Vortex went away and Noctambule, the duo of Bruce and Marla, began.

Based on poetry, traditional, folk and Celtic music, Noctambule is what happens when a pair of musicians unite, not only their lives, but their musical and literary passions.  The product of that union, so far, has been two exquisite albums, both in their musical composition and skill and in their packaging.  Noctambule is unique in many ways - its use of poetry, its blending of many traditional instruments, its calm and the care with which every aspect of each album is created, from the liners, to the lyrics to the meticulous finger picking and strumming and singing.

Bruce and Marla are planning yet another tour and I am so glad to welcome,me them to Los Angeles and Music FridayLive!



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