Bryan McPhersen: a troubador who combines music and purpose

mcphersen_smile_300sq.jpgFolk-punk troubadour Bryan McPherson’s immersion in Occupy Oakland in 2011 was a life-changing experience that informed his forthcoming dynamic third album, Wedgewood, just released. In between playing shows on “Teargas Tuesday” and dodging rubber bullets in the name of change at Occupy, he began to collate and catalog the inspiration for his latest offering. His songs meld Americana, folk, alternative, and punk into one incendiary, incisive sound - paying homage to influences such as Bob Dylan, The Sex Pistols, The Violent Femmes, Bruce Springsteen and Ani DiFranco....a combination you don't find a lot.

 Aiming to preserve the spirit of defiance and freedom, he retreated to Flying Whale Studios in Northern California in 2013 and retreated into an old gold mine in the Sierra Nevada foothills. Bryan cut himself off from the outside world for four months to self-produce the album in a small hut on a friend’s ranch in the mountains just as winter began, and found that the rugged, isolated setting immensely impacted the music.  In fact, the album title reflects the brand of the wood stove in the hut: Wedgewood, which was his only source of heat.

 McPherson has just released  Wedgewood with the single “Born On A Highway” celebrating his constant touring. Bryan has hit the road many times with punk luminaries Dropkick Murphys, opened for the legendary Chuck Berry and boasts a fan in Slash. He joins Music Friday Live! This Friday with songs from the new album and stories from the road.The album opens with first single “Born On A Highway” that starts with a vocal intro by his young nieces then rolls along on stark instrumentation and Bryan’s potent and powerful cadence. “It’s about the journey as a singer and traveling,” he says. “It discusses where the road takes you, and what it means to be a human being.”

  We will talk with him this Friday about those travels and play the songs that either came from the road or celebrate it. We will also talk about his experiences with Occupy and how he puts music and change together.



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