Canadian Marshall Dane has a recipe for great country rock .

marshalldaneconceret297.jpgI really like country rock.  Even though many of the modern country rock artists singing about trucks and horses and farms have never been on a horse, owned a truck or lived on a farm, they still pull off a kind of authenticity that is refreshing and fun.  Canadian Marshall Dane does that so well his music is  infectious.  He blends country and rock in way that is classic, yet modern.  His music is all country, but it is fueled by rock and roll – good solid four-four beats, plenty of twangy guitar but also flash-finger riffs and hooks.

Dane was nominated at the CMAO last year in several categories including Male Artist and Album Of The Year,  One Of These Days,  his latest album is driven by a swirling blast of fabulous melodies that gives you a country rush right from the get-go. But you can rock to it…a true crossover.

“One Of These Days is about how I deal with the curves life throws,” says Marshall. “It’s not really about where I’ve been but more so about where I am now…where I wanna go…and how I’m gonna get there, wherever ‘there’ is.“

Recorded in London, Ontario, in June of 2012, One Of These Days is the follow-up to Marshall’s successful Running Stop Signs album, released in 2010. Singles from the new album have just been released in the US, including:  “Living It Up”, “How Do I Get There From Her,” and “Alcohol Abuse”.

Marshall has been playing in bars and clubs as a solo singer and with a touring band, which will give us some stories to tell  and insights to share on Music Friday Live!. Among them is his opening for Alan Jackson and Emerson Drive and playing at the 2011 CCMA Awards.  On days off however, he prefers to spend his time out of the bar – in the gym, on his motorcycle, practicing yoga or at home in his apartment “cooking up something scrumptious.”  Maybe he can share a recipe or two with us.

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