Charlotte Sometimes is great all the time

Charlotte_300_sqjpg.jpgThere have been many artists trained and promoted by The Voice, but none have been launched into top level pop stardom.   Some try their hand in the music business for a while and move on, some release one-hit wonders and then fade, others take the coaching and the publicity they received and settle down into the hard work of writing, performing and promoting to build a career.  These are the ones I like best, because in the end, I think they are the artists who will build a career, create a body of work, and  - most importantly – make a living entertaining audiences with their live and recorded music.

Twenty-five year old Charlotte Sometimes is one of the The Voice contestants who is not afraid to do the hard work of taking her prodigious songwriting and singing talent and working on success.  And she is achieving it. As proof, Charlotte has released five albums and a new EP whose song list was built by her fans online.

Sometime's (her real name is Jessica Charlotte Poland) music ranges from angst-laden pop-blues to bare bones romantic  ballads.  Every song is precisely crafted, demonstrating the lessons she learned from her The Voice coach, country star Blake Shelton.  And each album is a joy to listen to.  Which is why I am puzzled by the entry on her Facebook page that the upcoming gig at Room 5 in LA (April 11) will be her "final" performance.   She will be on the show this Friday and we will ask her about that.

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