Claudia Schmidt returns to Music FridayLive! with new music and no snow

claudia_schmidt_302sq.jpgRegular listeners to Music FridayLive! will recall last month when we tried to interview Claudia Schmidt and found her digging snow out from under a car that was trapped.  She was on a cell phone and not in a good place for the scheduled interview, both geographically and otherwise.  So we rescheduled for this Friday and, weather permitting, Claudia will join us, sans snow but with her longs from her latest album.

 And I am so glad she can return, because she is a phenomenon, an artist who has continued to grow and innovate and entertain for four decades. To say that Schmidt is simply a talented performer would be a gross understatement. Whether she is recording alone, singing to 25,000 people, joining with other acoustic artists in a coffee house, or even digging a car of a snowbank,  Claudia Schmidt takes her audiences into her world, an endless universes in her music

She sings of  northern lights, she sings (and talks) about spinning tires on cars stuck deep in snow,  the change between adolescence and adulthood, and of the contradictions in our world. But she leaves the meanings to you;  interpretation of her lyrics or stories is wrong, which is one reason why her appeal is so broad.  Almost everyone resonates with a Claudia Schmidt song.

If you are lucky enough to see her live – and I have once - Schmidt weaves her way through her concert like a clever jester. Interwoven anecdotes revealing her past and present, evoke memoires tome real, some from her tale-telling. Her live performances are a joyful display of self-realization through humor and wistfulness;   we all want to be part of her world, and for an hour or so, we are.  I am so happy she can be back with us.  Now may the snow gods cooperate.



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