Cold Blood Club starts West Coast Tour with Music FridayLive!

cbclaydown300.jpgGet ready for a giant moving party, sometimes called Cold Blood Club, because they are coming West. Brooklyn-based 6-person, 8-piece  Cold Blood Club is a gang of musicians, who have been hot on the New York Indie dance scene since they debuted their edgy blend of soul, rock, and pop in 2011.  Inspired by acts like LCD Soundsystem, Metric and New Order, Cold Blood Club originated as a studio project with Tom Stuart and former Radio America bandmate Jesse Reno (bass) along with newcomer Kendra Jones on joint lead vocals. Cold Blood Club quickly evolved from teh original 3 members into a 6-piece heavy duty dance band.  the transformation was accomplished by adding drummer Shin Kamei (Angela Jane), violinist Hilary Davis (Bella Koshka) and classically trained pianist Adina Benno on synth. 

The party lands this Saturday, June 14 at the Hood in Palm Desert, moves into LA at the Mint in mid-town and then to Hemmngways in Hollywood.  And I understand their manager is working on more bookings as we speak.  Gaiven the size of the LA music market and the fun they bring with them, I hope they are here for a while.


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