Crimson Calamity. Not your father's country music

crision_soft_300sq.jpgI have been listening to Crimson Calamity's new EP "All in the Cards" and I can't sit still.  These women rock!  And they punch you in the gut and make you laugh and dance while they do it.

Crimson Calamity is a duo of Lauren Harding and Mallory Trunnell, both of whom have independent careers.  Mallory was on Music FridayLive! in November and talked about Crimson Calamity, but we didn't play any of their music.  Now we will.  They have finely-tuned alt-country rock down to the boots and the hats and they throw in some blues to make it even more fun, and, if you listen carefully, subversive. Plus you can dance to it.

What I like is that they are high-spirited, attitude-fueled and no strangers to intricate songwriting that generates firecracker lyrics and glistening harmonies. The result is irresistible music and so much fun. Their  hard hitting single, “Line ‘em Up and Shoot ‘em Down,”  became the catalyst for the pair to become a duo.  It helped that they both shared a love of country artists like Miranda Lambert and Grace Potter, which may be where they get the  rowdy tracks  and hell fire lyrics -  like don't leave your pistols at home because someone may play with your .45 (guess who). 

Woven through all of their music is, believe or not, Broadway - where they are both comfortable.  This combination creates music that is unique.  They are theatrical in their lyrics and presentation, solid country in their music arrangements, and pure fun. The way they handle traditional country music in an old school country sound with very feminine, take no prisoners lyrics  is  why I call them subversive. This is not your father's country.  

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