CYLVIA: LA band of the year in 2015?

cover.jpgThe headline of this blog is pretty ambitious, and of course, I have many more bands to hear, but CYLVIA has a combination of talented people, earworm songs and stage presence that they just might make it to the top of the very tall LA music heap. Frontman Zach Villa has carefully - and I mean carefully! - assembled a group of people, any one of whom couild be a top billing, and wrangled them into a tight, driving musical unit that churns out original hit after original hit. Their music is infused with the magic  and tragedy of Tim Buckley, the creativity of Lady Gaga,  the harmonies of Fleetwood Mac, the movement of Michael Jackson and original rock.  The sum is way more than the parts of the whole. 

Interestingly, of the seven members of Cylvia, four are also professional actors, led by the stunningly beautiful and superbly talented keyboardist Amy Landon, who has been in everything from Shakespeare on stage to horror movies. This makes for an exceptionally energetic and entertaining live show that combines music with performance.  Truly a unique and wonderful experience for their growing audience.

I have been listening to Cylvia's new EP all morning.  I first saw them at a local club in LA, opening for the headliner I was there to interview.  Wow.  Their talent blew me away.  Such a clean, tight, intelligent artwork of alt rock tinged with punk. Led by founder Zach Villa, the 7 members of CYLVIA gave the danncing, bouncing screaming crowd some of the slickest and tightest pop-rock riffs I have hard live onstage. 

Shortly after relocating to LA from New York, Zach knew he wanted to start a band. He also knew he wanted a strong female voice in the band, a frontwoman.  The drummer and lead guitarist came first in a pair of brothers, Eric & Manny Grijalva. He then found his frontwoman, Lindsay Claire whose over-the-top energy and talent keeps everyone on and offstage moving. The actress/producer Amy Landon was recruited for the keys -  who knew? The addition of Steven Good on rhythm guitar & vocals changed the size of Cylvia in many ways. The band was now 3 guitars  capable of producing an arena sized sound. Steven also took over lead vocals on a few songs (a nod to that Fleetwood Mac influence). This meant that at  full capacity, Cylvia produces a 4 part harmony wall of sound with Zach, Lindsay, Steven & Manny at full wail. Bassist Justin Gagnon with funk and metal background joined completing what could  be the LA band of the year in in 2015.


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