Daisy House joins us Friday with new songs and a great stroy

Daisy-House-_3-album-cover._300sq.jpgI am so looking forward to talking with the duo Daisy House this Friday.  A father-daughter act - which is not that common - with a daughter came to the party late and then at her father's urging.  It turns out Tatiana - and  her dad- have something very, very special.  If you like the British invasion of the 60's, especially the folk rock bands like Donovan, the Byrds and Fairport Convention, their music will seem like home -- until you notice the details.

Dad Doug Hammond does his part as songwriter, vocals, guitar, bass and keyboards, drums & string arrangements. Daughter Tatiana Hammond is lead vocals. They’ve self-published three digital albums including the new Western Man. Daisy House incorporate early British and American Folk, Folk-rock, Pop and Psychedelic influences in a music project that is steeped in the style of 60’s folk-rock in general and Fairport Convention in particular. 

Doug - a career musician -got his daughter involved because,  although she was the only 19 years old, she knew the words to “Some Velvet Morning” and “Blackwaterside” and had a great voice. She had never sung in a band, never recorded and never had any ambition to do so but she was game for the project. The complication was that  she’d just started College on a four-year math scholarship in PA so recording schedules have had to be built around her summer/winter breaks. 

Despite the distances and the challenges, it worked and we are the winners because we now have the fabulous music of Daisy House and hearing their story is going to be so much fun. 




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