Destiny Malibu is fascinating. We talk this Friday

Destiny._close_up_300sq.jpgI have not seen Destiny Malibu live but I plan to as soon as I can.  Her songs have great hooks and great production.  She has figured out "commercial" very early, but she does it with her own twist.  For a 20-year-old, she has figured out a lot about the music business.  Being named one of the 25 Break-Out Artists of 2016, by Shutter 16 Magazine was a big break.  Not only does it give her bragging rights, it brought her to my attention, as Shutter 16 is one of my review outlets.  She is a California born and based 20-year old phenomenon. Her 2015 song "Love Hurts" shot to  #1 on the Local ReverbNation Pop Charts. Though new to the scene as a solo artist -- Destiny was  5  when she first appeared on Univision as part of al tribute for 911 victims  -- before turning 12,  Destiny had written 5 songs played on local radio stations. She has just released a new song, "Oblivion"  and will be touring this summer to support it.

So here I am, listening to her 2015 song "Love Hurts" , which made  #1 on the Local ReverbNation Pop Charts, and queuing up her new song, "Oblivion" with an eye to the changes and growth I am sure is there. As the father of a 20-something daughter, I know that things can change fast in a year. Tune Friday and we will talk about how much and what growing up fast is like when you are singing for your supper.


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