Doña Oxford is back for a chat with her fans.

Donamic_300sq.jpgDoña Oxford dropped by last week for a couple of minutes to invite us all to her birthday party last Friday night.  This Friday she returns and will sit down for a full interview and take calls and emails from her fans.  If you love Doña, you should call in.  the birthday bash was just that...a complete blowout - a tear the roof off, rocking and rolling and dancing party at Brennans Sports Bar in the Marina del Rey neighborhood of Los Angeles. Even the sports fanatics at the bar abandoned ESPN for a while to rock with her.

 For those of you who know Doña and her music, you know that she always delivers 120% in each song that her shows are about as high octane and you can get and stay legal.  She did three sets!! I barely had the energy to dance through the first set and watch her through the second, much less stay up with her on set number three.  I know she is a young (and lovely) woman, but where the energy comes from I don't know. (you can read a review of the show in the Hollywood Progressive).  She returned this month from a tour in the UK where she play on stage with the legendary Albert King and was about to head out of London for her next gig when Van Morrison called her and asked her to come back that night and be his keyboard player on a new album (she did). She is off again to Europe soon and will come back with many such stories (and tell them on Music FridayLive!)

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