DYBIM: a magical, mystical, musical journey for the ears

Do_You_Believe_In_Magic_Cover.compress.jpgDo You Believe in Magic (DYBIM) is the latest product of the fertile mind and unstoppable creative energy of Lisa Sniderman, a.k.a. Aoede, continuing the saga of Wonderhaven, the imaginary and imaginative world of places and characters that combines music, sounds, voices, characters and story to the delight of children and  adults everywhere.  Available as a download or beautifully illustrated  two-CD package, written and directed by Sniderman -  who also plays the lead role, DYBIM harnesses the talents of over a dozen people to give us a magical, mystical, musical journey that delights the ears and lights up the mind of tweens, teens and the young in spirit regardless of age.  DYBIM has been adapted for the stage and I understand  Sniderman might even conjure up a TV or web series - music to my ears.  Put on your headphones, close your eyes and believe in magic.
Do You Believe in Magic by Lisa Sniderman
Available on iTunes and at www.doyoubelieveinmagic.info
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