El Dusty brings his Tejano turntable mixes to Music Friday

ElDusty1bike_real_300sq.jpgI am so happy to have El Dusty on the show this week.  As my regular listeners know, I am fascinated with the fusion between Latino music and rock and rap and hip-hop – what I call American Latin Music. We mostly focus on bands and mostly from California, which used to be Mexico and has had Spanish music since the 1700’s, long before the so-called “Cuban invasion” in the 1940’s in New York.

 But another state used to be Mexican – Texas.  Texas has a long history of Latino music.  Tejano – the name for Texan-Mexican music-- has roots going back to the 1800’s .  It is a mashup of waltzes and polkas of Eastern European settlers in Texas who encountered the conjunto music, and especially the accordion, along with the corrido and mariachi music from Mexico

 That music, which exploded with Selena and other artists in the late 20th Century is now morphing again, this time with rap, and turntables and sampling and the cumbia from Columbia that is sweeping through the Americas.  DJ and nu-cumbia pioneer El Dusty from Corpus Christi, my birthplace, takes the southern border music of Texas swirls it in MPC 2000 Samplers, blending clips of Latino beats, cumbia, rap, rock and hip and 808 drums into barrio anthems that rock audiences, gringo and Latino alike.

 His music is magical and crunchy, inspiring and growling, smooth and raw.  But most of all, it is exciting and El Dusty represents a new form of genius emerging from the tough streets of bodegas, taquerias and immigration lawyers. His new EP, Trapanera, is ground breaking. He joins us this Friday at 11:30 am PT and we will have fun.



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