Eleanor Goldfield. art kills apathy, especially her hard rock

RR_flgaface_300sq.jpgI have known Eleanor Goldfield for some time now, both professionally and personally.  She is a multiple threat: model, singer, writer, actress, activist .  She does it all and she does it all well. The core of her power is in her political beliefs and her ability to turn her art to those beliefs and communicate them in her music and in her writing  By doing so, this twenty-eight year old phenomenon is a voice of her generation. Rooftop Revolutionaries, started on a rooftop in LA is a band formed to be revolutionary, to support movements like Occupy and income equality.  They do that, both in their lyrics and in their actions, singing at rallies and political events, raising money, writing  and posting and appearing on television and radio programs to advance their movement for the freedom and lives of ordinary Americans

Eleanor and the Rooftop Revolutionaries are solid hard rock.  Big guitars, pounding drums and her  seemingly wild but actually precisely controlled  voice are pure rock.  Knowing her offstage or reading her blog, ArtKillingApathy, and then seeing her onstage delivering every note with power and anger, gives you a sense of how  commanding Goldfield is.  When she sings “Sick, Tired and Wasted” she is singing for a whole generation that has been ripped off by student loan scans and minimum wage jobs, and a stolen future and she is going to do something about it.  When she sings “Let Freedom Ring” she is attacking the billionaire money buying American democracy, the racism in voter suppression laws, the theft of life and freedom so common in poor neighborhoods in America today. We are going to experience her music face this Friday, but as we talk with her the political face, the art face, the generational face will be talking too.  Call in and talk with her.  



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