Elsten Torres will mix it up this week at the Levitt

Elsten_mic._300sq.jpgIn my continuing interest in what I call ALM - American Latin Music - I have been fortunate enough to book ElstenFulano Torres this Friday while he is in LA on his tour, supporting the new album Éxitos Acústicos. Torres fits the ALM label perfectly.  He brings together Cuban rhythms, Brit-pop styles and good old American rock in a sound that  is pure fun.   Listening to him sing "Todo El A" in his romantic voice with the Latin hand drums behind him and a movin' rhythm guitar and electric piano is sheer joy.  i can't understand much of what he is saying - having only recently embarked on learning Spanish (again!) - but it doesn't matter. It is fun, hypnotic and danceable. We need more of it!!

Amnd we will have more of it. With four albums and two Grammy nominations, Torres is not only going to be around, he is going to be everywhere as ALM music moves deep into the American mainstream.  He is playing tonight in Pasadena - not one of LA's Hispanic areas - at the Levitt Amphitheater.  The show will be packed, a testament to how popular he is.  It is also a testament to what positive person he is, with a smiling personality that fits his music.  You go to a Elsten Torres concert and you leave smiling.  And you will be smiling through the interview with him Friday.  




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