Eric Zayne returns to Music FridayLive!

Zayne_palm_trees300sq.jpgI love Eric Zayne's music.  He is always pushing the edge, always innovating, always doing his own, great thing.  I have seen him live several times on big stages and in small clubs.  Every time he delivers.  It is only a matter of time before he headlines his own  major tour and gets nominated for a Grammy. 

Zayne has had the kind of life that leads to independent, out of the box creativity.  He was born in Montreal and raised in the Congo, separated from his family during a war  that forced him to flee back to Canada where he found solace in music and was soon gigging around the city playing in funk bands. Zayne’s musical career got serious in 2014 when he won the John Lennon Songwriting Contest and played over 50 dates including Sundance Film Festival, SXSW, and the House of Blues Sunset.   He has just  released his  highly anticipated single, “Spin the World” which has been added to 20+ radio stations last week.  

But he hasn’t been standing still and letting the radio do his work.  He was in Toronto in May during Canadian Music Week where he had several showcases to spotlight him and his new music at Sony Music. He recently collaborated with Swiss duo band “Zibbz” to cover Jack White, “Another Way to Die” on a video. While he was doing that, he completed a song for Jason Maslow of Big Time Rush who says it might be his next single.. And, if that wasn’t enough,

 Zayne recently wrote and produced 3 songs for YouTube star Jordan Jansen while also releasing a fun cover of Maroon 5’s  “Sugar”.  We are so happy he found time amid all of this to talk with us this Friday.

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