Evan Taylor Jones rocks us with music and inspiration

EJT._head_at_mic._300._sq.jpgI love to interview artists with a mission beyond just music.  And I love to interview artists I share a past with, in this case Inglewood CA, the town next to where I grew up and where I first learned to swim.  Although Evan Taylor Jones is now based in Orlando FL, he grew up in Inglewood - decades after I did. He came of age during a period when Inglewood was going through some very tough times.  Those times impacted him.  Raised with two brothers by a single mom who died  of cancer when he was 13, he turned a tragedy into inspiration and succeeded.  That combination pain and joy infuses his music and his work for charity.  Please tune in this Friday at 11:o5 am PT....this promises to be one of Music FridayLive!'s best shows to date.



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