Bellehouse: Brooklyn folk music this Friday

three_singing300sq.jpgFolk in Brooklyn?  Why not? Much of the Americana and folk music of the 60’s was birthed in Washington Square, so a few subway stops away should make little difference.  And it doesn’t, as the Brooklyn-based band Bellehouse demonstrates on every song.  A five-person group that captures the American folk spirit with strong female-led vocals and addictive rhythms, Bellehouse bring back the 60’s and while they are as current as the EDM pouring out of the raves in the meatpacking district.

 Described as an “Emerging indie-string Americana band, Bellehouse has the polish of people who have spent their lives writing and singing music. Their second single, “Breakaway Town,” from their upcoming, debut self-titled EP GroundSounds, carries you liltingly along with  beautifully arranged strings and the very impressive vocal harmonies of  Jess Taylor Clinton, Sarah Elizabeth Haines  and Catie Friel. It is hard to believe that Bellehouse have been together for slightly less than two years – not long for five people – the three women and Nick Lenchner (bass) and Ryan Gross (banjo, vocals) to craft such lovely, memorable music.  This is going to be a great conversation Friday…I hope to convince them to come to LA on tour.

Tune in at 2:05 pm ET. Friday

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