Gina Chavez in the spotlight

GChavez_CostaRica_SpencerSelvidge_300.jpgWe are doing something different this week - we are giving the entire show over to a single guest, Gina Chavez.  she has been on the show before and I have seen her live twice and let me tell you, one show is not enough to contain her.  A singer/songwriter with a shelf full of awards and a huge fanbase, she is also an activist, a scholar, a barrier breaker and an all around great person. er song "Maize" is still on the top of my playlist and its topic - the negative impact of NAFTA on Mexican farmers is still as relevant as ever.  Her new song Heaven Knows is a valentine letter set to lyrics for her wife, Jodie Granado.  She and Jodie are both practicing Catholics and have created a scholarship fund for Catholic School girls they worked within Latin America - love knows no boundaries. There are so many more things I could say about Gina and the upcoming album. Lightbeam, but best just to tune in this Friday and her it yourself - and call in and talk to her.

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