Dark Beauty brings us Gothic Opera

DB_headshot_300sq.jpgI love concept albums, especially ones with a literary bent an it looks like Dark Beauty's Fall From Grace is going to be one of the best.  I say "looks like" because it is still in the studio, more precisely, in the mastering process.  The band has finished the recording and mixing and is now awaiting the master to come back so they can play on it on the show this Friday - which means that it will be a world preview.  If they don't get it, we have early songs from the album.  The band itself is a remarkable creature.  Founded by Liz Tapia. She is a lyric coloratura soprano, who writes and performs on the album.  Her versatile voice adds the epic textures, her partner Bryan Zeigler serves as Lead Guitar & Co Writer.  Their music is boosted by former music professor Warren Helms, who has  been seen on NBC providing music for the world famous Susan Boyle, bass player Gary Perkinson, and drummer Dan Granda. Together they are creating a modern, gothic rock opera which I predict will top the charts.

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Joshua and Rebecca. We will have her back on as soon as the album is ready.