Gracie and Rachel go national at Music Friday Live!

Gracei_and_Rachel_at_piano._300_sq.pngWith the release of their latest single, "Tiptoe," Gracie and Rachel's New York audience has gotten bigger – a lot bigger.  The duo is picking up fans quickly across the country as music lovers hear their out-of-this-world, totally different, iconoclastic pop/rock/jazz/something-different music. The new single, "Tiptoe",  was premiered by NPR-affiliate  WNYC Soundcheck in July and released worldwide the same day. In their track premiere for "Tiptoe," WNYC said about Gracie and Rachel's live show, "The two play off each other not only musically but mentally. Different shades of the same emotion appear simultaneously on their faces and flow through their instruments."  I say that they may revolutionize popular music because what they do is like nothing I have ever heard – totally immersive, totally mesmerizing and totally all over my music pleasure centers. A national tour is now in process – they will be in LA on December 13 and on Music Friday Live! This Friday.

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