Grayce brings us her new EP. 5.2.14

goldengirl.300.jpgI first saw Grayce at the Witzend.  I had come to see Junk Parlor, who were on in the late sweet spot when a dark-eyed beauty with superb confidence stepped onto the stage with her guitar and proceeded to lay down incredible sharp, razor-edged stripped down blues and soul.  As soon as her set was finished I asked Grayce for a booking and fortunately we could find a date.

I might have been unconsciously resp[onding to her global sophistication. She was born in London her entire family is Scottish, although she grew up in Japan and Hong Kong.  She started getting into music while living in Japan but it got serious in Hong Kong when she received  singing lessons for Christmas.  She is now in LA, the music capital of the world, and we are happy she is.

Grayce has played at all the classic LA showcase venues like the The Mint, The Witzend, The Viper Room, The Whisky A Go Go and The Hotel Cafe. She was also chosen  to perform at the Gibson Amphitheater among Chaka Khan and Stevie Wonder. She recently completed her EP, The Golden Girl , which we will be playing cuts from.

Grayce has stories to tell,. songs to sing and maybe some secrets to share...we will see.  Tune in this Friday and talk with her.

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