Guy's day Friday. Simpkin Project & the Voodudes.

voodoodes_washboard300sq..jpgWe have a lot of women on the show, and for good reason - they lead bands, play drums, bass, hot guitar and sing, sing, sing.  Plus they also run record labels and produce ( check out Francisca Valenzuela).  But once in a while, I like to have the guys, on and this week we have two all-guy, very guy bands - although neither is what you would call macho.  Actually, you would call them good.  Simpkin Project somehow manages to combine Americana, reggae, blues, and rock together so that it is infectious and so, so danceable.  Voodudes (how's that for a guy's band name?) is solid Americana, folk, gospel and even a washboard.  Should be a lot of fun.


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