Hana Kim. beautiful music with a purpose

kim_wall.300.jpgAs some of you may know I used to host a daily national  political talk show that interviewed guests and explored topics from both the right and the left.  There was one topic my co-host and I , and all of our guests from left and right agreed on - human trafficking of children is an abomination.  As many as 3 million girls are enslaved every year, most forced into prostitution.  Hundreds of thousands of them are here in the USA. Whatever evil drives some men to have sex with children, especially very young pre-teen children, it needs to be stamped out forever.  But while law enforcement - and armies, because ISIS and Boco Haram are sex traffickers -  works on that, the girls chained to beds need to be rescued. 

Singer-songwriter Hana Kim has taken on that challenge with her music and her time and her strength. Her new song, "Heaven Sees Me" raises money for the Saving Innocence Project, one of many that have sprung up in the US and internationally to fight trafficking and rescue girls.  Kim is a Los Angeles-based independent singer/songwriter.  Since 2009, she has established her musical presence, performing at prominent venues such as the Hotel Café, The Ford Amphitheatre, The Roxy Theater and event internationally, being featured on Paraguay’s national TV Network, Red Guarani.  She has opened for artists such as Ryan Cabrera, Sam Bradley, and Marty O’Reilly and is using her music to advocate awareness for injustices of human and sex trafficking. She joins us this Friday to play the new song, talk about the project and also to take us through her album, Xodo.



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