HANNAH brings her cinematic, subsonic violin to Music Friday

forness_fuse_v300.jpgI have been noticing the electric violin for some time now.  One of my favorite local bands, We Are the West, has both an electric  violin and an electric cello on stage. There are a number of artists now who play the electric violin and even the electric cello, combining them with guitars, drums, keyboard for ethereal  effects in alt rock,  new age and pop music.  These beautiful instruments, made by Yamaha among others,combine the classical beauty of strings with the malleability of electronics.  When you add a producer who is skilled in digital recording and assembly of music, you get something totally unique.  That something is HANNA.

hannahthiemSUBSONIC_VIOLEN_square.jpgA prolific artist, she co-founded the electronic rock group Copal. and the duo NYxyss. Her solo music echoes the sounds of the Nordic coast, but she blends it with urban dance halls mixes, folk songs and improvised instrumental/vocal music and cutting edge electronic sounds. She counts Massive Attack, Phaeleh, Trentemøller, and Ólafur Arnalds as influences. The combination of sounds she brings together creates a sonic lanscape like no other tht you journey through to what has been called the crossroads between classical and contemporary, organic and man-made, familiar and mysterious. HANNAH has set herself apart as an artist to watch  and playing for thousands of people.  It  is about time.  I am looking forward to talking with  her about combining classical violin, rock, digital mixing,  dub-step and her inspiration from alt rock to the Nordic coast.  Should  be a very interesting interview. For her new  lyrical  song with never heard before vocals, go to https://soundcloud.com/hannahthiem/the-finding




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