Handsome as Sin. 1.10.14

HAS302.jpgI saw these guys at a club last year in Hollywood.  I had actually come for another band, but stayed and was glad I did.  Max and Chuck are very talented and together have created something greater than the sum of the parts.  I am still absorbing what they do..it is rock, alt rock and its own thing.  Some of their music is not radio ready (i.,e., contains the 7 deadly words), but it is not the kind of heavy metal or rap where those words show up a lot.  Like I said, it is its own thing, a very good and listenable thing. After months in various studios, a lot of very late nights (and probably early mornings) they have released a debut album, which I will have the pleasure of playing this Friday and you will have the pleasure of hearing - and talking to them about it.

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