Happy Holidays and thanks for the wonderful musical friends I made this year

A great big happy holidays to all my listeners, readers and the musicians and agents and managers who make music possible.  I can't list everyone, but there are some folks who have become good friends that I would like to say an especial thank you to:


My friends in the American Latin Music community 

Irene Diaz and Carolyn Cardoza

Gypset Magazine – Diana, Luis, Julieta

Gaby Moreno

Gina Chavez

Las Cafeteras


Diamente Electrico

Enclave LA.com and Tom Nguyen


Krystina DeLuna at BMI

Allison Iraheta and Halo Circus

Elsten Torres

Alih Jey

Gil Gastelum and the team at Cosmica Records


And the great friends I made this year in the LA music community

Aubrey Logan

We Are the West ( you too, Elizabeth, back there on the drums)


Polaris Rose



The Wonderful team at SOFAR LA

Amy Loftus

Eric Zayne

Kat McDowell

Jackie Bristow

Amanda Campbell and The Strands

Krysta Youngs

Sera Roadnight at Magic Tree

Tony Zeigler (who is trying to teach me the Cajon)



And finally, a wave goodbye to the Wizened which we lost in 2015 and the Room5 Lounge which we will be losing in 2016.  Thank goodness for Los Globos, the Hotel Cafe and The Mint. My wish for 2016 is that a half dozen more showcase clubs will open in LA with investors who believe strongly in paying musicians.


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