Hot and cool this week.

Ksenia._300_sq_mbw.jpgThis week will the last show of the year, as we will be off from 1`2/16/16 to 1/6/17. We are doing a special hot and cold show with Las Cafeteras from Mexico (now in LA) and Ksenia from Siberia (now in LA). Las Caf, as they are known just got back from a sell-out national tour and have been on the show before.  I follow them and will be at their show Friday night at Cal State University Northridge.  Ksenia is new to me.  Ii have been introduced through her agent and my friend Sera Roadnight. Where Las Caf is chili pepper hot, Ksenia is powerful, cool pop.


 LC_Group_Shot_1.__Rafa_Cardenas300sq_.jpgTogether, they are a great way to wrap up a tremendous year. And it has been a tremendous year, musically and politically, which have a tendency to go together in election years.  I think we may hear about that from Las Cafeteras, as they are very community-oriented and politically outspoken. On another note, I have submitted my nominations to the LA Music Critics (of which I am one) and will let you know as soon as I do which of my favs got the nod. (photo: Raf Cardenas).

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