Humbled by this Friday's guests

Shelly_P_300.jpgI am so proud and happy to talk with two remarkable people this week. Grammy nominee Shelly Peikin who has written top hits that we all know and love, and Blake Morgan, a visionary and artist who manages to be a sell-out entertainer while managing one of America's most innovative music corporations. Both of these talents have earned their spurs in a very tough industry and both have compelling stories.  Shelly especially humbles me with the multiplatinum songs she has written, the stars who rely on her for songs, and her book  - yes, a book - she thinks about what she does.  And being a mom, and wife and whole person. Wow!

Blake Morgan is not only a headling singer/songwriter, but a champion for the rights of musicians - musicians must get paid is his principle.  He founded the ECR Music Group, a global music corporation that works on that principle.  All artists under contract to ECR own 100% of their masters.  Plus Blake and ECR are fighting for a law to change the rates that artists are paid for streams and downloads so they can make a living.

This will be a great show.

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