I took a tour of music history - and future today

sandy._recordsC.jpgSandy Skeeter owner of Sound City Studios, founded n 1967 by her father and home to virtually every legendary rocker you can name. took me on a tour today.  The studio closed 17 years ago, despite walls full of gold and platinum recordings and even a movie b y David Grohl.  It just could not keep up with the changes in the music industry and the move toward DYI recording by young bands.  B ut Sandy has reopened it with new equipment and a new plan to integrate it into DIY, bringing the big studio sound to new bands who are now realizing that 60% of their music is not being recorded in their home studios. As I walked past gold record and accolades from Tom Petty, Fleetwood Mac - which was formed at Sound City - Metallica, Elton John and many many more, Sandy explained her plan to upend the studio industry and chart a new future with better sound to match the quality now coming out of Spotify and SkullKandy .


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