jack Kovacs brings us his debut album

jack_electric_guitar.jpgI love it when young musicians take the next step and go from singles and venue tours to creating that one and only debut album.  Often they pour themselves into it and produce a thing of beauty, both viually and musically. Jack Kovacs has done that.  He sings a sweet song, many sweet songs, on The State Line.  Some are from his life and travels, some are from his imagination and all from his heart.  Evertyone of them takes you away somehwere else on a dreamy journey that makes you stop and listen.  This is not music to play in the background while you work or to talk over in a club.  This is music to dream to.

Chicago born Jack Kovacs left the City of Broad Shoulders for the City of Angeles to study guitar performance at the University of Southern California and changed forever. He learned that deep down inside of him he had cinematic stories that he could bring to life with edgy experimental arrangements that faintly echo singer/songwriters of the 1970's. Influences like Paul Simon and Joni Mitchel, Sufjan Stevens and Bon Iver laid the foundation for his iconic "sweet songs". The State Line,  self-produced besideTim Kobza and tracked with female singing from  Huxlee, is scheduled for release in October, is full of the layered harmonies and storytelling of those influences, only he does his own way. I look forward to talking with him Friday, playing cuts from the debut album and watching him grow.


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