Jail Garage Doors. This Friday.

JGD._guitar_lineup300sq.jpgThere will be music, but mostly this Friday there will be the kind of stories that our society needs now.  Uplifting stories.  True stories.  Stories of how music and guitars can help broken people.  Wayne Kramer, guitarist for MC% spent 2 yers in jail, where he actually learned music and got the inspiration to join with Billy Bragg to create adn orgnization tht uses guitars to help prioners start new, prdoctive and fulfillng lives.  He is join by one of those prisones, Ken Hartman, who, after 34 years in jail, now works for Jail Guitar Doors.

In our second segment we tgalk with H"Aitina, who has sbeen immersed in music since high school, produces several top hits and is now back wtih a new EP.  She is truely a queen of R&B and soul, and jazz, and just about everything great music.


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