James Clay Garrison: one of the best Guitarists and Vocalists in music today

JamesClayGarrison300-270x250.jpgI know it sounds like overstatement to call someone the best guitarist and vocalist on the music scene, but that what James Clay Garrison was called in the late 80's and early 90's when it seemed like he was in demand by everyone. And no wonder - his whole life has been about music and the guitar.  James Clay Garrison was raised with a guitar in Spain and became a virtuoso guitarist at an early age, recording his first album at 15.  Already an experienced performer by the late 80’s, he toured the US, Europe and Asia with various bands, perfecting his chops and building a network of musicians that would serve him well over the years. He moved to Los Angeles when he received an offer from Eddie Van Halen to record and the WB label and kicked off a new phase in his career.

Garrison went on to front for bands in LA in Sunset Strip venues in clubs like the Whiskey A- Go-Go and record original songs with his band and others.  He worked with Ray Charles as a Writer/Producer/Musical Director.  He recorded with Stephen Stills, Brian Wilson, Van Halen among many others, gaining a reputation as the best Singer/Guitarist in the industry. His songs have been covered by Ray Charles, Kenny Loggins.  He also composed and recorded songs for the film, TV and video game industries and national ads. 

LA opened another door for Garrison, television. He appeared as a singer and musician on shows and had speaking lines in General Hospital, Cop Rock, 21 Jump Street, and Santa Barbara. He also composes and plays music for various Fox television.

I saw him at one of his favorite venues, the Witzend Live club in Los Angeles, where he lives and I was blown away.  This guy has cops!f and I wanted  him on the show.  He is taking a bit of time away from wrapping up  in the studio finishing the second set of songs for his his new album, “1000 Million Miracles”, featuring many of the people he has worked with over the years like Todd Sucherman of STYX, and Chris Frazier, currently with Foreigner. The first set were released last week and we may debut one or two new ones this Friday, 11:30 am PT.  

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