Jamine Jordan fresh new R&B singer with us this Friday

Jasminesilver_dress300sq.jpgI am listening to the title track of Jasmine Jordan's debut EP, Time Travel and am almost too mesmerized to write. She does something with R&B that I have not heard before.  The beat, the feel , the instrumentation is familiar, but there is also a longing, a maturity a personal  connection and heart to heart conversation  that is  rare to  find and very hard to accomplish.  Jordan accomplishes it with what appears to be little effort.  It is hard to describe, but as you listen to the EP, you feel you know her - not the "reveal-my- secrets-of-past boyfriends" kind of knowledge that many artists proffer, but the kind of know you get from listening to a person talk while you read their face and body language. It is almost magic - and it fact, her music sounds magical.

Jordan  is new on the scene - this is her first EP. Her website is basic and her tour schedule is spare, but you can hear the sophistication in her lyrics and her arrangements.   She knows exactly how to frame her smooth, delicate and precisely controlled voice with keyboards and guitars and hold down the percussion to move the songs along without overpowering the melody. Her introduction of the gentle male rapper Blanchard De Wave into her songs allows her  to set up an external  conversation to reinforce the one she has already established with the listeners.  I look  forward to talking with the woman behind the music this Friday.

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