JANANI: new alt rock from Orlando this Friday

JANAI_FACE_B_W300SQ.jpgThere must be something in the water in Orlando Florida.  Last week we talked with Alex Baugh, the leader of the outstanding young Orlando based band the Crazy Carls and almost immediately I discovered JANANI, another Orlando based band with fabulous chops all around.

 Named after its co-founder, Janani Vaidyanathan, who leads the band along with co-founder Erick Campos (bass) and Nathan Hockett.  Their debut album, Hey! Mister!, was recorded with Jeremy Birdsall at Kavode Records and released in 2010. “Hey! Mister!”, their first single, has been heard on radio stations from Canada to Orlando and the music video for Hey! Mister! was selected to air by Comcast and Indie Music Channel. JANANI's music has also been featured in DIRECTTV's documentary, Gone Until December.  The band is currently number 1 on ReverbNation Alternative Orlando charts

The band has just released “Run (Pick Up The Gun)” which was recorded with Brett Hestla, former member of Creed, at Brett Hestla Productions. This song will be the theme song of an upcoming television series Hit Women starring Laura Gomez of Orange Is The New Black.  

Relatively new on the scene, JANANI didn’t release a full EP until 2014, Three Step System EP,  produced and partially co-written by Brett Hestla, former member of Creed. The EP spawned moderate success for the band, most notably with their hit single, “Where Was I?”. More success came when,  from over two-hundred competing bands, JANANI was selected to compete in the top 8 for the Hard Rock Rising Orlando competition. JANANI was recently selected to perform at the Cutting Edge Music Conference in August of 2015.

Janani herself is a force of nature from all that I have read and heard, so I am really looking forward to the conversation on Friday. And I understand her co-founder and co-writer will be with us.


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