Jazz and blues. American music this Friday

cover._edit300sq.jpgThis week we are presenting America's music, jazz, and blues.  yes, I know, both can be traced to African music, but the final formed that has evolved in both cases is known worldwide as unique American music.  It is so unique, that many jazz and blues players actually have bigger audiences and do better financially in Europe and Asia than in the USA.  Too much competition for the same ears and venues here.  We begin with one of America's star jazz guitarists,l Adam Hawley, whose  single,  "35th St. ft Eric Darius",  from his debut album, Just the Beginning, is #1 on the Billboard Jazz chart.

Our second guest is  a queen of America's other music, blues - specifically, Memphis Blues.  Sandy Carroll has been singing the blues for three decades on two continents (possibly three - we will ask her) and has released another album, Last Southern Belle, a reference not to her status as the last of a dying breed, but more to her relief that the age of the belles has been supplanted by a new age of American tolerance that retains the color and grace of the South, but some of its faults.

Together, these two bookend a dimension of the American music experience adn the music tht the world sees as uniquely ours.  This will be a unique and fun show.

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