Jazz queen Aubrey Logan Friday August 7,.

Aubrey_red_shoes_300sq.jpgI am so looking forward to talking with Aubrey Logan this Friday.  Not only is she a jazz queen with a ton of musical talent, she plays the trombone - when was the last time you saw a singer play the trombone, much less a female lead singer pull out a trombone - and she is very funny.  This will be her second appearance on Music FridayLive! and I learned very quickly that she is fast on feet, quick with a joke and a truckload of fun of to interview.  I have also seen her live twice and each time she blew me away - and the rest of the room.  Her concerts at the late, great Witzend were always raucous and noisy with everyone dancing and cheering and laughing.  her concert at the Catalina was a bit more sedate - after all this is a serious jazz club.  But she could not help herself.  She rocked and blew the horn and laughed and by the end of the night all we could say "more!".   So tune in at 11:05 am PT this Friday, call in a talk with her, and get ready to have a lot of fun with one of the most talented artists in jazz today..





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